You're busy planning one of the biggest events of your life! You pour your heart and soul into every detail. Yet the funny thing about weddings is that it's months of planning that revolve around a short and sweet ceremony.  Shouldn't that ceremony be the perfect reflection of your union?  Learn more about how I help clients craft ceremonies that capture their spirit and create a moment in time they'll never forget. 



A Pastor by Trade, a Poet at Heart. 


Claire McKeever-Burgett is ordained clergy with a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University. Her titles include pastor, writer, mother, lover, dancer, and friend. Although Claire lives in (and loves!) Nashville, Texas will always be her home. Passionate about the ways we can increase love and light in the world, she helps her clients, friends, and community start by igniting the light in themselves.



The Big Day and Beyond.


 I offer both wedding officiating and premarital coaching in Nashville, TN. No matter who you are, you deserve to begin your lives together surrounded in beauty, love, and a rock-solid foundation.  We’ll dive in deep asking fun questions like, “What makes you tick?...Where do you like to go?...Who do you love?...Why are you getting married?...What kind of marriage do you want?" Working together, we’ll craft a personal, heart-felt wedding ceremony. For couples doing deeper work, our premarital coaching will help you clarify goals and cast a vision for your marriage. No matter your needs, I seek to support you.


Choose Your Level of Support: 


Wedding ceremonies and premarital coaching for all people—religious, nonreligious, heterosexual, and LGBTQ.  From ceremonies to the groundwork before the big day, learn how I can help:


Day-of Officiating
Day-of wedding officiating in Nashville, TN

Ceremony & Rehearsal
Rehearsal and day-of wedding officiating in Nashville, TN

Pre-marital Coaching
Includes ceremony, rehearsal, and three, one-hour premarital coaching sessions

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