Crafting your Ceremony

Couples spend months (and even years!) planning a wedding, so it's natural that you'll want a ceremony crafted with the same kind of attention to detail. Learn more about how I work with clients and what to expect when creating your ceremony. 

Client Process

Through a series of conversations and working sessions, I'll spend time learning about you, helping guide you as we create a ceremony that you love. For a complete overview of what to expect, click here for my step-by-step process or read the simple overview below. 


  • Free Consult 
  • Review and Sign Contract and Forms
  • Initial Session
  • Writing
  • Collaboration and Final Edits

Example Ceremonies

When working with clients, we start with an outline of a standard ceremony, using it as a jumping off point to talk about how most wedding ceremonies are structured. Working together from here, we can move, shape, change, and create a ceremony that is a true reflection of your vision for your wedding day and the love you share as a couple. Some couples like keeping things customized, yet still classic, while others may want to throw this out all together and create someone one-of-a-kind! No matter your style or intention, it's through this collaborative process that the magic happens.

Click here to see an in-depth list of ceremony elements you may be considering or read the simple overview below.


  • Gathering
  • Reading
  • Wedding Party Entrance
  • Welcome/Greeting
  • Declaration of Intention
  • Reflection/Meditation/Homily/Message
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Exchange of Rings
  • Declaration of Marriage
  • Wedding Party Recessional
  • Closing Blessing and Words of Instruction (if needed)