Sometimes you must forgive

without fanfare or sign, without the

other person knowing, without

Forgiveness is for you, after all. It’s

the gift you give yourself after a

long season of letting go. It’s the

allowance and the surrender, the

healing and the hope.

No longer about who’s right and

who’s wrong, it’s the mature sibling

in the family system who no longer

cares who sits where or who Mom

and Dad love more.

The only care in this new world is

freedom and joy, softening

and love, gratitude and grace.

It’s the knowing that when we’re

talking about love, there’s no more,

there’s no less, there’s simply,

lavishly love.

Forgiveness is personal. It’s not

about the offender, it’s about you

and what your soul, your mind, your

body need.

So openly fully to the sun and bow

down before the moon and let both

the dark and the light take you.

©Claire K. McKeever-Burgett