Claire McKeever-Burgett, M.Div.

Claire hails from the dry plains of West Texas, and though she’s lived in Washington, D.C., Austin, TX, Louisiana, and now Nashville since 2013, she still claims Texas as her home. A graduate of Baylor University with a degree in English and Professional Writing, Claire began her career working at Sojourners magazine on Jim Wallis’ New York Times bestselling book tour for God’s Politics. From there, Claire worked in the nonprofit sustainable food world in Austin, Texas, and then made her way to Vanderbilt Divinity School where she earned a Master of Divinity degree and was ordained Alliance of Baptists clergy in 2011.

Since then, Claire has led congregations, small groups, and communities in the spiritual practices of writing, movement, and liturgy with a focus on embodiment in worship and advocacy. Claire believes how we show up in the world is equally as important as why and that the bodies we come in are the perfect messengers, just as they are, for our love and light to shine. Becoming a mother in 2015 expanded Claire’s heart, mind, body, and soul. Parenting with her husband and love, Adam, is a gift, a wonder, and a grace as they learn, daily, to listen to their son and follow his lead. Indeed, their son is the best teacher they’ve ever known.

With love at the center of all she writes, leads, dances, and offers this world, Claire welcomes the ongoing unfolding of her story as it mingles with the stories of the past, the stories of the present, and the stories we create together in the future.

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